Perth Chess Academy

Response to COVID-19

The Perth Chess Academy takes the health and safety of all our patrons and staff seriously and our top priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Now that it has been confirmed that community transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has begun in Perth, all scheduled Perth Chess Academy classes will be cancelled until further notice.

Thank you in advance for playing your part in keeping everyone safe. We value your support and would love to welcome you back to the Perth Chess Academy later in the year.

Proudly brought to you by the Gifted and Talented Children's Association of Western Australia

Teaching students the art of Chess

The Perth Chess Academy provides young chess players with the knowledge and skills to enjoy and play chess, additionally allowing a student to gain the skills to compete at state and national level in chess competitions.

Perth Chess Academy has a focus on instruction, targeted lessons, difficult quizzes, training exercises and weekly homework taking place in a supportive social setting with like-minded peers.

The academy caters to students of any starting level, from complete beginners to state junior champions.